Quanergy’s newly released LiDAR sensor, M8 Rev D5, has been specifically designed for mapping and surveying applications. With 3 returns and up to 1.26 million points per second, the M8 – in a single pass, provides the most comprehensive and accurate 3D point cloud available.
The M8’s 150m range and angular resolution generates data for highly detailed and accurate 3D maps to improve navigation and survey land through terrestrial and aerial mapping. “The M8 is the scanner the market has been waiting for. It provides enough range to fly at 400 ft AGL with sufficient accuracy, point density, and resolution to build topographic models for the surveyor and engineer. The bonus is the small size and weight along with a price tag under $10,000,” said Jeff Fagerman, LiDAR USA CEO.
This compact and rugged sensor was designed to meet the demands of the most challenging applications. Day or night, in most weather conditions, the M8 operates reliably under the harshest conditions.
When you combine the range, accuracy and price, the M8 is the only mapping LiDAR sensor you’ll ever need. Now with an industry-leading 2-year warranty!




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